Detroit Native filmed a movie right here in the D

And you can stream it online!

Detroit native and entrepreneur, Dennis Reed II is shaking things up in the local film industry by creating movie magic right here in the D. He joined host Tati Amare via Skype to discuss his latest project, and how he’s spearheading movie production in the D.

“Indictment: Who is Jonathon Carter?” is his newest project and it stars Jennifer Williams and Benzino. Local talent is appearing on-screen as well, like Lemastor Spratling, Velda Hunter, Mike Bonner, and more. The style of the film is similar to “The Usual Suspects,” and is about a man whose best friend is being accused of being one of the biggest drug suppliers in the country. He puts everything on the line to find out the truth about his friend. Reed feels like this is his best movie to date since the title character is so mysterious.

While you may not know it, Michigan has quite a few independent movie makers and Reed is happy to be one of them. They are all making a mark on the movie industry nationally. Reed does utilize local talent for his productions but he also likes to tap reality stars for his leading roles. Their followings help his films gain more national attention.

You can stream his most recent film on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and IMDB TV. For more information on his films and his thoughts on the film industry in Michigan, watch the clip above.

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