Celebrate National Binge Day with two new movies from Netflix

Greg Russell shares his picks in Reel Talk.

It is National Binge Day and there a couple new films on Netflix that will let you celebrate the holiday. Movie reviewer Greg Russell talked to Jason Carr these new films.

The first film Greg discussed was “The Devil All The Time.” It is a psychological thriller that stars Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland. The movie is based on a novel of the same name and takes place in a rural southern town during the Vietnam War and analyzes the use of religion in the town. Greg says the movie is well done and gave it four out of five reels.

The other film Greg recommends is “Enola Holmes” starring Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things.” She plays the younger sister of the famous detective. Like her brother, Enola embarks on her own mystery, searching for her missing mom and helping a young royal figure avoid murder. Greg gave the movie four reels saying it is perfect for people who love mystery with a side of humor

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