Craving comfort? Get some good home cooking at this Trenton diner

Their meatloaf is award winning

Trenton – Whether it’s meatloaf, mac and cheese, or a creme brulee waffle, Tracey and Victor Stroia love to cook. In fact, this happy couple met while working at the same restaurant.

“I was doing catering and she was more in the management. So there was a struggle there, but I overcame it,” joked Victor.

It was only a matter of time before they started their own place. They were both working opposite shifts at the Rattlesnake Club in downtown Detroit and hardly saw each other. On their long drives to and from the city they craved a casual place they could go for a good meal. So they took a chance and opened TV’s Deli and Diner in a building on Fort Street in Trenton that had a string of failed restaurants before them.

“People would stop by and go, ‘you know this place never makes it.’ And we’d be like ‘Oh my god, we just quit our jobs don’t tell us that!’” said Tracey.

Well, they proved those naysayers wrong, as they have been dishing up some good comfort food for over 25 years.

“Being positive is really important,” said Tracey.

But I have to ask, why the name TVs? I only counted 2 when I stopped in. As they explained, I was not the only one to make that mistake. People have thought they sold TVs, fixed TVs, had a bunch of TVs but in actuality, the name comes from their first initials.

“She was the Deli, I am the diner. She’s the T and I’m the V,” laughed Victor.

They serve breakfast lunch and dinner at this diner and they feature a wide range of dishes. For breakfast, on the sweeter side, they have items like a creme brulee waffle and a berry covered French Toast. Tracey really loves a good corned beef, so they make all of their’s in-house. For breakfast, they have a corned beef hash, and they have a Ruben on their lunch menu. They are well known for their homemade soups, and they like to switch them up, but they always have their chicken noodle and lobster bisque. For dinner they have a lot of homey options like their award-winning meatloaf or their roasted turkey dinner.

If you would like to try out TV’s Deli and Diner they are located at 2441 Fort Street in Trenton. Currently their dine-in is closed due to the Governor’s restrictions, but they do have a heated patio, curbside delivery, take-out, and some delivery.

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