Local clothing company is sewing style and support for the community

York Project offers holiday shopping that can be a gift to a loved one and to a complete stranger

York Project on Live in the D
York Project on Live in the D

York Project creates stylish clothes while delivering assistance to those in need – Shopping for clothes is typically all about style, but one man in Detroit is hoping to make it more than that. In this week’s Heart of Detroit, Mitch Albom showed how Josh York is using his clothing line not just for fashion, but to help people.

With York Project, a social streetwear company, Josh is producing clothing and other wearable goods right here in Detroit. There is also a mission, buy a good and York Project donates the value of that item by purchasing needed essentials like toiletries and socks for the homeless in our community.

Watch the video above to see how the York Project is helping others in the city.