This 1 thing can help brighten your holiday, regardless of how you gather

Thanksgiving will be different this year for just about everyone, so it seemed appropriate to think up a new way to brighten the holiday.

Adding some beautiful flowers to your table could be just the way to add that little something extra.

If you’re unable to go to mom and dad’s, consider sending a centerpiece. Who doesn’t love getting flowers, right? And even if you can’t be with them in person, they’ll have a nice reminder that you’re still thinking about them.

VIVIANO Flower shop has evergreen pieces, porch pots, poinsettias and gift baskets, and if you don’t feel comfortable shopping in person, or you just can’t make it there yourself, the shop offers delivery.

Watch the video above to see how Elizabeth Viviano and Angela Butorac suggest to brighten the holiday with flowers.

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