Are these new ‘grippy shoes’ a game-changer when it comes to workouts?

They’re ‘better than barefoot,’ the company says

Sometimes, the greatest inventions are made from necessity -- and one local woman realized she needed a safer, more comfortable way to exercise. What she ended up inventing just might be a game-changer for women, men and kids.

Host Tati Amare was joined by Stephanie Miller, the inventor of the innovative footwear that aims to be “better than barefoot.” Have you heard of Barreletics In-Studio: Performance Skins?

These “grippy shoes” are a performance skin that give your foot all-over-grip, so you don’t slip.

Miller said she was inspired to create these shoes while taking a barre class.

Barre is a type of exercise that combines elements of yoga, pilates and ballet. Generally, you wear grippy socks while doing the class, but in Miller’s case, they didn’t really provide the grip and stability she wanted.

While the sock may grip the floor, the foot tends to move around inside the sock. Miller was in side-plank and her foot kept slipping, and that’s when she got the idea.

You can use these shoes for yoga, pilates, barre, karate, kickboxing and more, Miller said. Anything you would practice barefoot or in grippy socks, you could switch it out for these.

There is also a water version that can be used for paddleboarding, kayaking, at the pool or in a spa.

Barreletics also offers other workout items, including a pair of yoga pants with some padding on the knees for extra comfort. All the items are made in Michigan.

Starting Tuesday, the company has a Black Friday sale you might want to hear about. For more information, and to see all the deals, visit grippyshoes.com.