Michigan hunters donate to fight hunger this holiday season

This holiday season is about sitting down to a warm, filling meal, and some Michigan deer hunters are working to make that possible for those facing hunger across the state. Dean Hall, Executive Director of Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger, spoke with Jason Carr about the programs they have that allow hunters to donate their catch to those in need.

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger is an organization that started around 1989 to create a wild game donation. Since then, several other groups have joined in the drive, including the Department of Natural Resources, the Michigan Food Bank Council, the Michigan Bow Hunters Association, the National Wildlife Federation, and more.

Last year the organization collected over 85,000 lbs. of venison from their processors, which went towards creating over 340,000 hot meals for people across the state.

Hunters can go to the Michigan Sportsmen against Hunger website and find a link that can direct them to the nearest processor accepting donations. Unfortunately the organization is not able to take per-processed venison, but Hall said they’d be happy to take questions and help people find where to donate.

The organization is open to everyone, and anyone interested in donating can find a map of participating processors on the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger website.

For more information about the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger and how you can help out, watch the video above.