Here’s where you can dig in and drink up without the guilt this holiday season

Check out this locally curated holiday box

It’s Takeout Tuesday!

After eating your heavy Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers, you may be looking for a lighter, more nutritious meal. One restaurant offers juices, salads and, wraps that will help you get back to your healthy lifestyle during the holiday season.

Skylar Smith from Beyond Juicery + Eatery told us more about what they offer and their special holiday box.

The restaurant offers juices, salads, and wraps. You can customize your juice to fit your needs whether it be an energy boost or herbal hydration. The wraps and salads are full of bright-colored, tasty vegetables making your meal worth every healthy, bite.

Beyond Juicery + Eatery teamed up with Mitten Crate to bring you a locally curated holiday box. The box includes, treats from Better Made, D’vine, Cellardoor Bath Supply Co., Great Lakes Pickling Co. and more.

Watch the video to learn more!

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