Two new movies to check out this weekend

“Buddy Games” and “Half Brothers” are out now

Reel Talk - Buddy Games and Half Brothers on Live in the D
Reel Talk - Buddy Games and Half Brothers on Live in the D

Movie Reviwer Greg Russell was able to sit down with the cast of two new movies that you’ll be able to see this weekend, Buddy Games and Half Brothers.

He started with Buddy Games, a new movie from Josh Duhamel. The story was inspired by Duhamel’s real life, and follows a group of college friends who get back together every year to compete in ridiculous challenges. In the film, they’re getting together for the first time after an accident caused them to cancel for a few years.

“We never grow up,” Duhamel said. “We’re all mid-forties now, but it doesn’t matter, every year we revert back to our 16 year old selves.”

Next, Russell took a look at Half Brothers, a comedy that follows two half brothers who meet at their father’s funeral. The two are total opposites, and end up following a trail of clues across the country left by their father to learn more about him. Russell says the film balanced comedy, and a heart warming end message.

“[My character] has no idea that he’s going to find a teacher in this really over the top half brother he has in America,” said Luis Gerardo Mendez, who plays Renato in the film.

For Russell’s full review and more, watch the video above.