Here’s why you may soon be seeing more soccer in Detroit

New game plan will also help local charities

Ally & DCFC on Live in the D
Ally & DCFC on Live in the D

A new partnership that has kicked off this year aims to shine a light on soccer in Detroit and give back to the community, and it’s gaining momentum.

“Live in the D” host Jason Carr spoke to Andrea Brimmer, with Ally, and Sean Mann, with the Detroit City Football Club (DCFC), to learn more about how this partnership changes the playing field for athletes, Detroit Public Schools students and other causes.

Brimmer said Ally wanted to help DCFC because of the company’s longtime interest in soccer. Ally already supports the Major League Soccer team in Charlotte and the National Women’s Soccer League. DFCF allows them to support soccer in the Metro Detroit area, as well. Additionally, DCFC and Ally see eye to eye on a lot of other causes, including LGBTQ+ activism.

Together they donated money to the Ruth Ellis Center for every goal they scored during the month of June. The Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park works to create a supportive community and provides trauma-informed services for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults of color. Ally helped to amplify that campaign, said Mann, helping them to raise about $23,000 for the cause. Then, live on air, Brimmer surprised Mann by announcing Ally would be matching that contribution and $46,000 will be going to the Ruth Ellis Center.

The other main goal for the pair is to highlight soccer in Detroit. They are working on campaigns to bring more recognition to both the DCFC men’s and women’s teams, as well as working with Detroit Public Schools to bring soccer leagues to the schools.

In October, they will be hosting an Ally Match where they will have extra activities and giveaways for the fans at the game.

To learn more about DCFC and Ally’s programs, click or tap on their names.

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