An inside look at what life is like when you join the Army

Find your path in life while becoming a hero, the Army says

U.S. Army on Live in the D
U.S. Army on Live in the D

As students head back to high school and college, they may be deciding what career path to take.

Imagine getting a job that pays you as it trains you in skills that you can carry for a lifetime. And, better yet, a job that could help pay for college and help you save for fun activities like a vacation.

Staff Sgts. Kentrell Gazaway and Jose Gutierrez shared their personal stories of what their life looks like in the U.S. Army.

Sgt. Gazaway talked about how simple life can be in the Army, but how it comes with lots of benefits.

Whether you are meeting people all around the world or getting a head start on your career path, he said life in the Army gives you lots to be proud of.

For him, his greatest benefit was meeting his wife of eight years and growing his family.

Sgt. Gutierrez believes he benefits greatly from the Army, as well. Once he arrived to college, he realized how expensive his education would be, but the Army is now giving him a chance to earn his degree for free while learning tangible skills in subjects like leadership, technology, mechanics and human resources.

Gutierrez also encouraged those who are interested in joining the Army to speak to a recruiter and get more information.

Watch the video above to learn more about our brave soldiers and their lives.

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