Here’s why you should consider adopting a bunny

Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets you might want to add to your family

Want to adopt a pet but think you don’t have the space for a dog or cat? Why not consider something just as furry? Maybe even softer and a lot smaller?

Millions of pet owners celebrated National Guinea Pig Day over the weekend, and you might want to consider adopting one or two, or perhaps a rabbit as well.

Anna Chrisman from Michigan Humane joined “Live In The D” with some things to consider before welcoming a guinea pig or other small furry animal into your family and introduced a new adorable pet that needs a home.

When asked why people should consider a rabbit or guinea pig as a pet, Chrisman explained that not everyone has the space for a dog or cat. She emphasized that many rabbits, guinea pigs, and degus can be trained. Small furry friends benefit from socialization, enrichment, and daily interaction with their people as well. They have special food and housing requirements, which may be met at local pet stores and online retailers. Finally, the majority of these animals will require veterinary treatment from a small animal specialist.

Gertrude, a Rex rabbit who is especially soft and furry, is the pet of the week. According to Chrisman, she is a laid-back bunny who enjoys socializing and deserves her own Instagram account. Her ideal home is one where she can receive one-on-one attention. Chrisman further stated that she is not part of a bonded pair and that she may be introduced to other animals gradually.

For whoever adopts today’s pet, the Mike Morse law firm will pay the standard adoption fees.

The complete interview may be seen in the video above.

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