Fly high at this Detroit circus school

Eastern Market business offers unique workout experience

If you’ve ever thought about training for the circus, or working out in a cool unique way, head to Eastern Market! “We mostly teach aerial acrobatics, but we teach a variety of circus arts,” Matt Buss, Head Coach/Instructor at Detroit Flyhouse Circus School told “Live in the D’s,” April Morton. Detroit Flyhouse has been around over 13 years and has gained popularity over time. Buss, who’s been with the company since the beginning says there’s no experience needed to join a class. “You don’t have to be flexible, you don’t have to be strong, every apparatus is hung on a pully, you can hang something 6″ off the ground, we have students from 6 to 75 years old.” The company also offers Hula Hoop lessons.

April gave the aerial ribbons a try. Click the video above to see how she did.

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