Don’t get scammed this holiday season, follow these safe shopping tips

Does the deal seem too good to be true? Then it probably is.

The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us and this week millions of people will be seeking out deals for events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, however, some of those deals just might be too good to be true.

We spoke to Melanie Dequesnel, one of the experts at the Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Michigan, to learn how to tell the difference between a deal and a scam.

So what are the scams people are most likely to fall for? According to Dequesnel, one of the top scams is a puppy scam. People will spot a picture of an adorable dog and purchase it, not seeing an actual live picture of the animal. Essentially, they will have been catfished and can be out, on average, $3,000.

Another popular scam has to do with shipping. You may be ordering many packages this time of year, but don’t click on just anything that says your package is on its way. Double-check that you actually ordered from that business and that it is the actual business sending you that message. Clicking on unknown links can allow hackers to send you malware and get your personal information.

The third most common way people are scammed is with ads on social media. If you are scrolling and see something you like, instead of clicking on the link provided, google that company name to make sure it is reputable, and that you are going to the correct site.

Porch pirates are another thing to look out for this holiday season. These thieves will be sailing along the streets looking for packages left outside your door that they can snag before you pick them up. To avoid this, Dequesnel recommends having the packages delivered to your work if you won’t be at home during the delivery time period. You can also reach out to your neighbors to bring your packages safely indoors once they arrive. If you are able to make the investment, there are special locked security boxes that places like Amazon can open and secure for you.

For more of her great advice, especially when it comes to online shopping, watch the full interview above.

The Better Business Bureau has an extensive list to help you shop safely this Holiday season. Click or tap here to see all their great advice.

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