Here’s a way to create some new classic memories

Big Boy shares some nostalgia and shares new additions to the popular restaurant

Big Boy on Live in the D

There’s something special about classic things, like classic cars or classic rock, and then there’s the classic Big Boy. That nostalgia becomes even more special when it is passed down from generation to generation.

Frank Alessandrini, director of operations, and Big Boy himself joined “Live in the D” to help you create new classic memories.

According to Alessandrini, Big Boy has long been associated with Michigan, but the company was founded in 1936 in Glendale, California, by Bob Wian, who created the original double decker in his small pantry. He also said that the Big Boy mascot was inspired by a boy who swept the floor in exchange for burgers and was later created by a movie animator.

When asked why the mascot resonates with so many individuals, Alessandrini responded that people have a personal experience or emotional connection with the brand, whether they have visited with their grandparents, on their first date, or on their anniversary. He highlighted the Big Boy combo, which he described as nostalgic, which includes a sesame seed bun, shredded lettuce, American cheese and mayo red relish.

Speaking of nostalgia, the director of operations said that Big Boy’s is reintroducing some items that will be available at Michigan grocery stores.

Alessandrini also stated that today is “99 cent Big Boy Day” when you purchase a Pepsi. There will be some stores open on Thanksgiving, but if you want to impress your family with dessert, he says to preorder the strawberry pie.

Visit their website to find the Big Boy closest to you.

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