Sandwich shop features Asian-inspired menu

Concept started with a fried chicken sandwich

Takeout Tuesday: SuperCrisp on Live in the D

A sandwich shop in Midtown Detroit is all about being crispy. In fact, it’s even called SuperCrisp.

The restaurant has a menu with chicken sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and more, but what makes them stand out is the different flavors they incorporate into these dishes.

Mike Ransom with SuperCrisp said the concept for the restaurant started because of a fried chicken sandwich he was serving at another restaurant called Ima. Ransom said they started selling hundreds of the fried chicken sandwiches a day, and then decided they needed to start a restaurant based on the sandwich. So what’s in this sandwich? On SuperCrisp’s menu, it’s described as twice fried crispy fried yuzu-ginger chicken with Kewpie slaw, pickles, lemon mayo and red onion. It can be ordered in a regular or spicy version.

SuperCrisp’s menu also has hot dogs and burgers with Asian flavors like Japanese curry and Wasabi. Rob Stone with SuperCrisp explained they even have a hot dog with a Krab salad, which he says is basically a California Roll on a hot dog.

Another item on SuperCrisp’s menu is their Oki fries. They are made with crispy shoestring fries tossed in Furikake seasoning. The fries are also topped with ingredients like pickled ginger, green onions, sesame seeds, scallions, nori, and Oki sauce, which Ransom described as a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce.

SuperCrisp is located at 4830 Cass Avenue in Detroit. Watch the video above to hear about some of the other items on SuperCrisp’s menu.

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