Meet the national comedian who is bringing laughter to metro Detroit

TK Kirkland is recognized from movies and doing stand-up across the nation

We can all agree that we love a funny joke, and that laughter is the best medicine. Well, comedian TK Kirkland might just have the remedy to tickle your funny bone!

Kirkland brought his expertise of comedy to “Live in the D” and shared his advice about dating women with “bad children.” He also gave his opinion on children having it “too easy” with having access to apps. He said that, “It’s good to go back to some type of tradition so that kids just truly know how it’s supposed to be.”

Kirkland also gave his advice of what people should move on from, from the year 2022 stating that, “when you go to restaurants, they should keep their masks on.” He said that is because the servers may spread germs onto his food when they talk.

TK Kirkland will be preforming this weekend at the Punchline Comedy Lounge in Southfield.

To hear his some of his jokes, watch the video above.