Drama will fill the box office this weekend

“Alice, Darling” and “The Son” are in theaters

If you’re heading to the movie theater, there are two movies that have some heavy drama.

Anna Kendrick stars in “Alice, Darling”, which is a psychological thriller. The film is about a woman and her struggles with her boyfriend who is emotionally and mentally abusive. Kendrick plays the title role of Alice. It’s a different type of role for the actress who is known for mostly appearing in comedies.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell described “Alice, Darling” as a “very, very deep” movie. Russell got the chance to interview Kendrick about the R-rated movie. The actress expressed that she feels society is getting better about talking about psychological abuse, but she said it’s not often portrayed in films. Russell gave “Alice, Darling” a rating of four reels out of a possible five.

Another new movie hitting theaters is “The Son”. This film has a cast that includes Laura Dern, Hugh Jackman and Anthony Hopkins. It’s another movie that is heavy on emotions and relationship issues. Jackman plays the role of Peter whose ex-wife, played by Dern, shows up at the door with their troubled teenage son. The movie follows Peter’s struggles to rebuild his relationship with his son. Russell explained that the movie also reveals the issues that Peter had with his own father who is played by Hopkins. “The Son” is rated PG-13.

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