Don’t break your resolution! Here’s the key to losing weight and keeping it off

Mary Hargrove lost 81 pounds following this plan

A lot of people have set goals to lose weight in 2023, and may already feel like giving up. But don’t do it!

We spoke to the experts at Dr. Guthrie’s Pure, Complete Weightloss Program, to get their advice on how to stay on track.

Guthrie introduced us to one of his patients, Mary Hargrove.

Like many, she wanted to lose weight naturally and keep it off. Guthrie put her on a plan that really focused on her nutrition.

Instead of taking pills or crash dieting, focusing on eating healthy is what will help you lose weight the most, Guthrie said. The program he uses works on fixing the body’s chemistry, through food and nutrition, to get you in a good fat-burning zone.

Hargrove changed what she ate, and in the process changed her relationship with food.

After she shed 50 pounds in the first few months, she started adding daily walks into the mix. Now, she is up to walking two miles a day and has lost 80 pounds, all while sticking to a healthy diet. Many months, and she is still steadily losing weight.

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