How you can become a stunt actor

Meet the performers of a Metro Detroit stunt guild

Meet the performers of a local stunt guild – Ever dream of being a stunt actor? You don’t have to go far to learn how. For those who want to become a stunt person for big blockbuster films or if you just want to learn a new skill to impress your friends then you might want to check out Theatrica Gladiatoria in Ypsilanti.

Joe Wright is the co-founder and fight instructor for Theatrica Gladiatoria. Wright said that the guild offers different types of training and workouts such as “regular practices” and “foundations work.”

It does not matter what level you are or what your goal is in stunt performance. Wright said, “Whoever you are, we’ve got something for you.”

To learn more about Theatrica Gladiatoria and to see Live In The D’s April Morton try out some stunt fighting techniques, watch the video above.