What’s the buzz with the Grammys?

Friends of the show share their predictions on who will win

Friends of the show share their predictions on who will win. – The 65th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony is right around the corner and with that we can expect to see some of our favorite artists live out their dreams.

Lauren Crocker from “Blaine and Lauren” on 96.3 WDVD, Vanessa Cohen Co-Founder of the Cohen Brand and the owner of “Motor City Date Night”, and comedian and magician Jasen Magic joined Tati Amare and Meredith Bruckner on “Live in the D” for What’s The Buzz to give their insights on what musical artists they think will win big at this year’s Grammys.

Beyonce’ leads with 9 nominations, does the Grammys get it right?

Crocker said, “Yea, I think they do. I think they have misses.” Cohen said, “I like the indie artists. Indie artists don’t always get the proper recognition.” Magic jokingly said that when he heard Grammys, he thought that “we were talking about my Gram who I visit every Sunday.”

Who’s your favorite artist?

Crocker said, “I’m a big Harry Styles fan” and Magic said “Doja Cat”, while Cohen said “Muni Long.”

Do feel that you hit an age where new artists are no longer relevant?

Cohen said that she still listens to R&B artist Tank and that she is “waiting for Usher to drop a new project.” Crocker said she uses Tik Tok to find out what new artists are doing.

Are the Grammys more about the performances or who wins?

Crocker and Cohen simultaneously said performances.

Love or hate country music?

Crocker, Cohen and Magic each had a different opinion about country music and how they think people react feel about the genre.

To see what they had to say, watch the video above.