Styling your wardrobe to fit your magical flare

Add some versatility to your clothing.

Add some versatility to your style – Do you want to see a magic trick? Abracadabra, your old wardrobe will vanish and a new one will appear. Local 4′s Style Editor Jon Jordan joined host Tati Amare and guest-host Jasen Magic on “Live in the D” to help magically ex-spell your old style and add versatility.

Here are a few tips:

1. Take long scarves and wrap them around your body to turn them into tops and skirts.

2. Another trick is to go with reversible jackets and coats, so that you can create an entirely new look on the spot.

3. If you take a long sweater and turn it on the short end, it will be a shorter coat. If you switch it around, it will be long again.

To learn more about magical styles, watch the video above.