We know who took home the Oscars, but who won on the red carpet?

What’s the Buzz today is all about the Oscars.

Everything Everywhere All At Once took home Best Picture, Michelle Yeoh made history as the first Asian woman to win Best Actress, and Brenden Fraser cemented his comeback by winning Best Actor.

Now we know they took home the hardware, but who won on the red carpet? What’s the Buzz today is all about the Oscars.

Joining host Tati Amare and guest host Randy Henry was Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan, and the Managing Editor of the “Michigan Chronicle,” AJ Williams.

While many believe Angela Basset should have won Best Supporting Actress, both Jon and AJ said she won on the red carpet. The actress wore a purple gown with lots of rushing to hug her figure, and an oversized bow that defined her neckline. Jon said the dress had lots of movement, making it almost look like someone was following her around with a fan.

Another winner for Jon was Janelle Monae, who wore a structured black bodice combined with a soft, draped, asymmetrical orange skirt. Jon commented that the two elements would normally contrast each other, but she really pulled it off.

Lady Gaga wore Versache with a black gown featuring a boned, sheer bodice and a drop-waist skirt. This was another winner for AJ who said she loved that the star’s personality shined through, while still looking regal and Oscar-ready.

So who missed the mark? Both AJ and Jon agreed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson didn’t really sell his salmon pink suit. Jon said he looked like he was going to the prom. For the ladies, they said Florence Pugh in her oversized, puff-sleeved beige ensemble was not a winner. Jon likened her voluminous gown to a parachute.

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