Get your makeup summer ready

Tips for making your face sizzle as it gets hot out

Summer Makeup Tips on Live in the D

We’ve been anticipating warmer weather, and now that it’s upon us it’s time to prepare for the heat, and that includes your makeup. Those who wear makeup know in the summertime it can be challenging. From finding the perfect shade, to getting the right product to help keep everything in place, and having a well maintained, flawless made up face, it’s no easy task.

No worries, Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has you covered, your face that is. “You smear it all over your face, it will minimize pores, it will minimize things like fine lines, it will keep your makeup in tact,” Jordan said to host Tati Amare, while talking about the latest trend of using “putty” makeup products. He said the putty comes in a variety of products and works well during warmer months.

Jordan also has tips on applying the perfect eye brows with a “rake” eyeliner, and how to lock in the look. He did a before and after demo on crew member April Morton. To view all of Jon Jordan’s summer makeup tips, click the video above.