A twist on wine tasting with Sabrosa Sangria

Sabrosa Sangria in Shelby Township has been mixing up small batch sangrias for a couple of years and they continue to become more popular. Kevin Kutskill, owner of Sabrosa Sangria, showed Jason Carr and Kim DeGiulio what they're offering from Sabrosa Sangria.

The sangrias are all made with 100% natural fruit juices and blended and bottled in the winery. Kutskill said, "We've got eight of them that we offer during different parts of the year." He brought in 4 of the flagship wines that are offered year-round and four of the specialty ones that are offered at certain times during the year. 

Making sangria is not Kevin's only job. It is actually his side hustle. His day job is being a pediatrician. Kevin said, "About 13 years ago we decided to have a party where it was appropriate to have sangria as a theme. We had a recipe kicking around the family for years but it didn't have a lot of great flavor to it." He decided to play around with it and people liked it. They started requesting his sangria for family trips and tailgates. 

Now, Kevin has a tasting room for his tasty sangrias. But, he said that it is different from the traditional style. "You can relax there, you can play some board games, some cards. We have music that we pump in."

Vince & Joe's Gourmet Market, located in Clinton Township and Shelby Charter Township, and Woods Wholesale Wine in Grosse Pointe Woods also sell Sabrosa Sangria. 

You can find more information about Sabrosa Sangria by searching them online.