Unusual superhero movie, unrecognizable movie star in theaters this weekend

See Nicole Kidman, Samuel L. Jackson like you've never seen them before

If you feel like braving the snow this weekend, there are two movies that are hitting theaters that will make you say "Wow" for two very different reasons. We learned all about them in Reel Talk thanks to our partners at MJR Digital Cinema. Film reviewer Greg Russell sat down with Jason Carr to discuss "Glass" and "Destroyer".

First up was "Glass," starring Samuel L.Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy. The movie continues to follow the stories of three very special people who have usual gifts. All of the character are tied together because they are in an aslyum, and they are trying to escape. Russell gave it two of five reels.

Next was "Destroyer," starring Nicole Kidman, who is almost unrecognizable in this roll. Kidman plays an undercover cop whose mission is compromised and many people are killed, and now she's out for revenge. Russell gave it three out of five reels, simply on Kidman's performance and dramatic appearance. 

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