The new service that takes the hassles out of home ownership

There seems to always be something around the house that needs fixing or replacing and if you're not a "Mr. or Ms. Fix-It" type of person, there is a solution and it doesn't involve looking for a contractor. Our friends at Your Home Free will do it all for you! 

How it works is they come into your home, once a month, and they take care of a checklist of common household issues, making sure your home is in tip-top shape. You will typically work with just one technician, so you can build a rapport, and they will come at the same time every month. Items they check can be anything from sharpening the blades on your garbage disposal to putting on a new roof and everything in between. They inspect a lot of different areas to make sure small problems don't become big problems. 

"We're all about working with the homeowner to protect their home," said Larry Barr, the owner of Your Home Free. 

They will also replace a lot of common household items with better, more durable versions, like replacing the plastic tubing for your dryer vent with a metal tube or switching out your leak-prone household water valves with a quarter-turn one to waste less water. Regular maintenance, like switching out the air filter on your furnace four times a year will also be done.

There are more than 50 items on the list they will check, but they do offer a range of programs and prices based on the size of your home and how often you want them to come out. They also offer a variety of add-on services including lawn and maid services. Large projects like a new roof or an addition are something else they can do for you as well. 

For more information visit or call 313-378-1788.

This article is sponsored by Your Home Free

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