Ask a Vet: Why does this happen to my pet?

We are crazy for pets here at Live in the D, and to help you keep your pet happy and healthy we bring in Dr. Kelly Meyers, a veterinarian with our friends at the Michigan Humane Society, to answer your questions.

Q. What causes dogs to get skin tags?

A. The cause is still unknown, but skin tags are connective tissue that overgrows in a certain area. Humans can get them as well as dogs. Some dogs are more prone to it than others, and the chances of getting them increase with age. Skin tags tend to appear in areas that are frequently rubbed or irritated. They are generally harmless, but they should be checked out by a vet to make sure they aren't anything more serious.

Q. If you feed two cats the same amount, but one weighs significantly more than the other, what should you do?

A. Just like humans, some cats naturally eat more than others. Even if you separate the food, one cat may still eat more than the other, and one may metabolize different than the other. It is a good idea to take both cats to the vet to make sure that nothing is wrong with either cat.  

Q. How can you get a stubborn dog to come when you call?

A. This is often a problem where the human is at fault, and they might not even know it. Often times when a dog doesn't come when called it causes people to become very frustrated and angry. This only perpetuates the problem because the dog will not want to come to their unhappy owner. Meyers recommends you start fresh and take the dog out on a leash. Then say "come" clearly and concisely, using only that word and gently tug on its leash. Once he comes over give him lots of praise and treats. Keep this up and in a few months the dog should come when you call. 

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