Can you get 100% on this winter skin care quiz?

Fact or Fiction: What do you know about winter skin care?

Winter is right around the corner and it can be brutal on your skin, but, if you're armed with the right information, we can prevent the cold weather from giving our skin the blues. To help sort through the misinformation and misconceptions out there, we enlisted the help of Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell, of the Cater Snell Skin Center, to take us through a game, "Winter Skin Care - Fact or Fiction?"

Join our Michelle Oliver and Kila Peeples as they go though this quiz:

1) The skin on the legs and feet are naturally the driest part of the body. 

Fact. Anything that is farther away from the heart does not get as much circulation so the skin tends to dry out more. 

2) Hand sanitizer is best for frequent hand washers.

Fact. Hand sanitizer is really just coating the skin and leaving a film, as opposed to soap and water, which washes off your natural oils. So hand sanitizers helps prevent your skin from becoming too dry. 

3) Keep yourself hydrated; it makes a difference in how dry your skin is. 

Fact. How much you need to drink varies based on how much you weigh, how active you are and other factors, but you should stay hydrated to help keep you skin from being too dry. Carter-Snell recommends taking a drink any time your mouth feels dry. 

4) Prolonged exposure to water on the skin will hydrate it.

Fiction. Taking long baths and showers will actually dry out your skin. Carter-Snell recommends keeping them to 10 minutes or less. 

5) Oily skin does not require moisturizing.

Fiction. No matter your skin type you need to moisturize. If you do have oily skin, Carter-Snell recommends you get an oil free moisturizer. 

6) Adding a humidifier to the home isn't helpful. 

Fiction. Adding a humidifier is helpful. 

As a final tip, Carter-Snell also recommends every one where sunscreen, even if it is cloudy out, and it should be a 30 SPF or higher. Carter Snell Skin Center is located in midtown Detroit at 72 Erskine Street. 

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