Celebrate National Wine Day with Mawby wines

Close out Michigan Wine Month with a glass of vino

Springtime in Michigan is beautiful. One way to celebrate is to take a tour of a winery and enjoy a glass of wine made right here in the Great Lakes State. Mike Laing, Winemaker and Director of Mawby Wines in Suttons Bay, joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr to discuss taking a tour of the vineyard and why the month of May is great for sampling wine. 

Laing said this is a great time to visit the northern wineries, not only because the scenery is beautiful, but many of the wineries have new releases that are ready for tasting. When asked where the Mawby name came from, Laing said it is the last name of the founder, Larry Mawby, who opened the winery in 1973. 

Mawby only makes sparkling wines and ciders. The wines are fermented twice, the second round of fermentation is in a closed environment to capture the bubbles to make it sparkling. This is different from other carbonated wines, which have pressure injected into the wine. The differences in wines, like dry and brut, depends on the sweetness of the wine.

Mawby has several tasting rooms, one is at the vineyard in Suttons Bay in Leelanau county near Traverse City.