You can feel good about filling up at this restaurant

Ever eat a meal and regret it? Well, our friends at Clean Juice have a menu you can feel good about. The owner of Clean Juice in Troy, Jason Kassab, and the general manager Ashley Routson told us what Clean Juice has to offer. 

They juice two different ways. They have a countertop juicer, which is what most people think of when they think of juicing and a cold press machine. The drinks from the countertop juicer last for about 30 minutes to an hour, and the cold press machine drinks can be preserved for four to five days. 

"Not only is our food healthy but it is also a hundred percent organic, so it is great for the environment. We also have the opportunity to add on a ton of superfoods, said Rouston.

They also sell a variety of food options. 

"We offer toast products, acai bowls, protein smoothies, salads and we even have a kids menu," said Kassab. 

All the ingredients they use in their juices and food serve a purpose to better the body which, they believe is very important. 

Kassab said that they have had people order acai bowls for kids' birthday parties to enjoy instead of ice cream. 

The menu at Clean Juice in Troy is fresh, colorful and extensive. To see all they have to offer, visit their website