Here's how to curb your sugar cravings

Something tiny will change your cravings in a big way

Trying to curb those cravings for sweets and carbs?  Fitness expert Jody Trierweiler may have the solution. Trierweiler joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr in the studio with a supplement that blocks your ability to taste the sweetness in foods. The supplements are meant to turn off the sugar receptors in your mouth allowing you to stop that urge for sugar or carbs.

Trierweiler said that once you taste a dessert and then take the pill, you will lose the craving for sugar and stop eating the sweet treat after one bite. " This is clinically proven in studies. It's called Sweet Defeat and the main ingredient is gymnema which is a leafy vine and it truly turns off the sugar receptors," said Trierweiler. Trierweiler also provided a code to get the supplement for less " It starts at 30 dollars on the Sweet Defeat website, but they gave me a discount code which is Jody25 and it will be 25 percent off." 

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