Delicious New Treats In The D

For all you snack lovers out there, there are new delicious treats for you in the D.

Award winning journalist Mitch Albom is with us today to talk about the delicious new treats that will be at Detroit Water Ice Factory Downtown.

Detroit Water Ice Factory has developed gourmet popcorn that gets made right in the shop. They call it "Brown Bag Popcorn" and it comes in flavors such as caramel, cheese, and nutty crunch.

Iced pudding is also being reintroduced. This is the store's specialty brand of rice pudding, but Mitch Albom says he likes to call it "Iced Pudding" because it's not like any rice pudding you've had. There are flavors such as caramel crazy, vanilla bream, and crispy chocolate. 

All of these profits will go to charity. 

If you go to Detroit Water Ice Factory on Halloween between noon-6pm, they will give you free popcorn samples.