You've got to see the food they are serving at this restaurant in Warren!

This Vietnamese restaurant is piling their classic dishes with seafood.

If you couldn't tell from their sea side decor, they have tons of fresh seafood here at Detroit Pho and Crab, and like their name implies, they often serve it on top of a popular Vietnamese dish called Pho. 

"I come mainly for the pho," says one customer. "That's where it's at."

Pho, for those who don't know, is a rice noodle soup with a beef broth that takes hours to make. It is often topped with a variety of meats, cilantro and green onions. It is served with bean sprouts, Thai basil, peppers, hoisin sauce and sriracha on the side so you can customize it to your liking. It is a wonderful blend of comfort food with a nice fresh taste from the herbs.

This restaurant opened in late 2017 thanks to the hard work of it's three owners, Peter Le, Tuan "Tony" Dang and Tracey Ngu and their families.

"We are three partners here, we're all sister brother cousin." says Peter Le. "We love to cook and ... our parents have a restaurant in Vietnam. Everyday we get together cooking and we said hey, one day we should open a restaurant." So, one day, they sold their nail salons, pooled their money, and opened Detroit Pho and Crab.

They serve a lot of traditional Vietnamese dishes here, but their twist is they add a lot of seafood to it. This was inspired by their many trips to California where the Vietnamese food heavily features seafood. Their travels also inspired their rolled ice cream, and seafood in a bag which is exactly what it sounds like. You can get everything from king crab, to mussels to crawdads and more. 

"When you open the bag, the smells, oh my gosh, just dive in!" says another customer. 

If you would like to try Detroit Pho and Crab they are located at 26680 Dequindre Rd. in Warren. For more information, please visit their website here.