It's Memorial Day weekend, it's a perfect time to go to theaters

It's a long weekend, so why not hit the theaters? We got a look at the two blockbusters hitting big screens this weekend in "Reel Talk," thanks to our partners at MJR Digital Cinemas.. Greg Russell came into the studio Friday to give the load down on the new movies coming out. 

First up was Disney's remake of "Aladdin." This movie has been given some critcism ahead its release. However, Russell said he was entertained when he watched it and so was the crowd that was with him. "I am going to give it a three out of five reels," said Russell. "That way,  people can go out and make their decisions."

Next up, was "Brightburn," which Russell compared to "Superman."  A kid drops out of the sky in a rocketship, lands in a field and a married couple adopts him. Everything is great until he turns 12 years old. 

Russell interviewed some of the members of the cast from "Brightburn."  Jason A. Dunn, who plays the young boy in the movie said, "It's invigorating to take a sterotypical role and completely turn it on its head and do something nobody has ever done with it." 

Russell said "Brightburn" combines horror and superheros and gave it three reels.

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