Get Your Home Ready for the Season

The Air Doctors give advice on getting the air conditioner ready for summer

         Spring is here and it is finally time to start thinking about opening up the windows to air out some of the stuffiness from your home, but did you know there is a better way to do it from deep inside? Our friends at Air Doctors stopped by Live in the D, to show us how cleaning your air ducts can better air out your home. They say doing this could make the spring and summer seasons a lot more comfortable. 

       While most people think about temperature when it comes to their home, Bryan Cooksey and Allen Davenport from Air Doctors say people should focus on the cleanliness. They offer an air purifying system that does just that. The system Air Doctors offers, removes dust, mold and other bacteria that could be lurking in the air. They say the system is so effective that it kills 99% of those particles.  

    According to the Air Doctors, the perfect time to clean out air ducts is right when the warm weather starts. That way your air conditioner is ready for the summer time. Air ducts are important to clean, says Cooksey and Davenport, because they are in you homes for many years and are often ignored. This causes dust and particles to build up on them and we breathe it in. They especially recommend cleaning your air ducts anytime you have any kind of remodeling project. 

       Cleaning air ducts is simple for the Air Doctors. They go in and drill holes into the dry wall behind the air ducts and use a combination of pressure and airline tools to push the dirt and debris out with a large vacuum. The Air Doctors then take all that bad stuff out of the house for you. 

      Besides cleaning out air ducts, the Air Doctors can help you save some money. They are partnered with utility companies that offer rebates for maintaining the utility equipment in your home. For example, Air Doctors say there is a rebate for getting your air conditioning system checked. Another popular rebate is for switching to high efficiency equipment, which Air Doctors say that in some cases, can garner you a rebate of up to a thousand dollars.   

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   This segment was sponsored by Air Doctors Heating and Cooling, LLC