Get your house organized in the new year with help from Organize Detroit

Remove clutter, get organized with a few simple steps

Millions of people resolve to get organized in the new year, but it can seem overwhelming at first. Where do you start? Andrea Wolf, the founder of Organize Detroit, spoke to Jason Carr and Tati Amare about ways people can start cleaning their homes of clutter before traditional spring cleaning season begins.

Wolf said this is the time people want to get back in control of their homes. After the holidays and accumulating new things, the decision on what to keep versus what to throw away is the major task. She said the first part of organizing is removing the things that you don't want to keep. Garbage bags are essential at this level, as you'll be throwing out what you absolutely do not want anymore. Next, group together similar items so they are easier to put away and find later. Clear bins are best for this step, according to Wolf, because you can use them interchangeably and you can see what's in them.

The use of height is also important. Consider using the area under sinks, whether in a kitchen or a bathroom, and stack bins vertically to get more use of the space. To prevent the act of organizing from becoming daunting or a labor, Wolf says to start small. Pick an area where you can accomplish the task and feel good about finishing it, like under a vanity. Detach yourself from items you really don't need and try not to start with items that have emotional attachments, like pictures. Lastly, don't fall down the rabbit hole of buying containers before you know what you need them for. It's a waste of money, time and space; know what you want to keep, then buy storage bins.