Get your pet questions answered by a veterinarian

We are crazy for pets here at Live In The D and to help our viewers keep their pets happy and healthy we welcomed Dr. Kelley Meyers, a veterinarian with our friends at the Michigan Humane Society into the studio. 

We asked our viewers to submit a few questions they have about their pets. The first question is from Darilynn. She says her dog scratches herself like crazy and then barely gets sleep at night. Changing shampoos has not helped minimize the scratching. She wants to know what else she can do to stop this. 

Bathing your dog too often can cause itching skin from it becoming dried out. One of the most common reasons people bring their dog to the vet is because of itchy skin, Myers said, "Visit your veterinarian. The main thing that causes itchy skin is fleas. Other than fleas next is allergies followed by infections and hormonal imbalance." 

Our next question was from Sue. Her dog eats bugs. Dogs are curious, and with bugs moving around, dogs are going to eat them. However, bugs can cause irritations, infection and sickness. "If your dog has a bug or is playing with a bug the best thing to do is to take it away from them," said Meyers

The last question was from Charmain. Her dog is just two years old and has hip dysplasia. A diagnosis of dysplasia can be life-long and there is not necessarily a cure for it but there are things that can be done to help with pain. Meyers said. "There are medications and surgical options."

The Michigan Humane Society has veterinary care services at its locations in Westland,Rochester Hills and Detroit. To learn more about the services they offer and to make an appointment visit their website