Get your ride on with Detroit Bikes

The ABC's on how to get your bike ready for the season

Spring is in the air and as the weather gets warmer that means it's time to break out the bikes that have been sitting in storage all winter, but before you jump on for a ride, Zakary Pashak from Detroit Bikes shared some things you'll want to check. 

Pashak said that Detroit Bikes launched in 2017 and the factory is located on the west side of Detroit, but the retail store is downtown in Capital Park. Pashak brought in one of the bikes, " We are super excited about this new bike. It is called the Sparrow. "It is a 22 pound bike and we're selling it for $299 and it is launching on kickstarter at midnight."

Pashak walked us through the ABC's of getting our bikes ready to ride. " A is for air, so we're gonna check our tires especially if it's been sitting in the garage all winter, you want to make sure they're full. He said the best way to make sure the tires are full is to use an air pump. He said Detroit Bikes provides free air pumps with the purchase of the bike.

" Next, he specified what B stood for. " B is for brakes. You want to check your brakes and make sure they're tight so your bikes are gonna stop when you want them to stop. Pashak advised that if a customer is uncomfortable with adjusting the brakes on the bike then they can bring the bike to the shop so a professional can adjust it.

Then, he told us what C was for.  "C is for the chain", said Pashak.  "You want to make sure your chain is clean... to make sure it's going to hold up for the season."   Last he said D is for drop.  "You want to pick your bike up and drop it, just to make sure things aren't loose or jiggling on the bike." 

If you want to know more about Detroit Bikes, check out their website.