Gifts for the nature lover

The winter season is often considered gray and lifeless, but it can be very much alive and colorful because of all the beautiful birds we have in our area. And, you can give someone the gift of watching and feeding them thanks to Wild Birds Unlimited. Laurel Zoet from the Wild Birds Unlimited location in Brighton joined us in the studio to tell us about gift ideas for that nature lover in your life. 

Wild Birds Unlimited has all kinds of interesting gift ideas, whether you're shopping for a beginner or a bird expert. Zoet says one of her favorite gift ideas is one of their seed characters. It's high quality bird food, compacted together and hand decorated. They've got a snowman, raccoon, owl  and more. The food lasts a lot longer than a traditional bird food holder. If you want to attract song birds, you want to put out high quality food variety of food because not all the birds eats the same thing. Zoet says the more types of foods you put out the more types of birds you can attract. 

For the winter season Zoet suggests a high fat food because song birds actually fast or stop eating from sun down to sun up. Wild Birds Unlimited has Winter SuperBlend that will help birds survive the cold winter weather. 

For more information and all Wild Birds Unlimited has to offer, visit one of their 10 store locations in the greater Detroit area. To find one near you, visit their website: