Experience art and science at a one-of-a-kind gallery in Detroit

Science exhibition is free all summer long

There is a new experience coming to Detroit this summer, where you can expect to see the unexpected. It's the first and only gallery of its kind in North America and it's free. Jeff Grabill, Gallery Director and Michigan State Associate Provost, joined Tati Amare to discuss the exhibition called Depth.

Depth, according to Grabill, is supposed to evoke water because the exhibition itself is about water. Science Gallery is a new space that brings together art and science, and Depth explores ways water can heal us and work with us seen through art. Some of the installations include photos of a woman in water expressing various emotions. Another shows visitors standing near copper pipes, listening to poems written and read by Detroit Public School students. There are also pieces of art that show wildlife that live in the water, but it's made out of the same plastics and debris that pollute the waterways and are killing the animals.

The art and science in the gallery is supposed to challenge visitors, make them feel a little uncomfortable and raise awareness about the future of water conservation. 

Science Gallery Detroit opens at the Michigan Science Center June 8 and runs until August 17. To make your plans to see the free exhibition and for more information, visit detroit.sciencegallery.com

This segment was sponsored by Science Gallery Detroit.