Here's a way you can help out on Earth Day!

We all know recycling can be good for the community, and ahead of Earth Day this Sunday we found one place that makes it even better! 

E-Cycle Opportunities in Southfield specializes in getting rid of those big electronics you cannot take to your normal recycling center, and the workers there are happy to help.

E-Cycle is a non-profit organization that does de-manufacturing of all electronic equipment such as computers, televisions, radios, DVD players and more. They give job opportunities to those with cognitive delays and disabilities. 

Director of New Business Development, Stacey Lareau, says her goal is "to create businesses that will employ clients who often have a barrier to employment and generate revenue for the programs that we have here to serve them." 

When looking for future employees, Lareau looks at what someone is able to do, not what they aren't able to do. She looks for someone who is very focused, likes a repetitive job, and likes to take things apart. 

E-Cycle's number one priority is data security. When a customer hands over their used computer, the first thing the employees do is shred the hard drives. 

The organization is looking out for the community by taking care of employees and the environment. 

If you have unwanted electronics you want to get rid of for Earth Day, E-Cycle Opportunities will be happy to help. They will basically take anything that doesn't have refrigerant. You can drop off items on Tuesday, April 24 from 8 am to 2 pm on the south side of JVS headquarters on Southfield road.