Here's how to stay out of debt this holiday season!

It's one of the scariest times of year and we're not talking about Halloween; it's the season of tumbling into holiday debt. Our friends at GreenPath Financial Wellness are here to help and the support is free. Host Tati Amare was joined on the set by their president and CEO, Kristen Holt, and their quality assurance specialist, Katie Bossler.

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a national nonprofit, based in the Detroit area, and they help thousands of people a day with their financial health.

To help people stay out of debt this holiday season they are having a no-spend challenge for the month of November. The program is called "No Spend November – 30 days of Financial Mindfulness".  Every day they will be posting a challenge or a tip you can use on their social media that will help keep your spending in check. Now, this doesn't mean you can't spend any money, but the challenge is to spend less money than you usually would. 

Here are a few tips they shared with us:

1) The Highlighter Challenge. Take a highlighter and go through your last receipt and highlight anything you didn't need or could go without so that next time you can avoid over-buying. 

2) Stop Swiping. Hide or cut up credit cards you aren't using, or you want to avoid using. The idea is to make you think twice before swiping your card.

3) Have A Plan. Think about why you don't want to overspend. Write down goals and big items you are saving up to purchase. Knowing why you are saving will help make it easier. 

For more financial help and information, visit GreenPath Financial Wellness' website,


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