Hot gadgets to keep your pets cool

There's froyo for dogs!

Summer weather is here and that means you can put away your winter coat, but your pets can't and that could spell trouble. Our friends at Premier Pet Supply are in the studio with us today to help us out. "There are ways to have fun out there in the hot weather, but you have to counterbalance that with by keeping the pets cool," said Mike Palmer, the owner of Premier Pet Supply.

In terms of keeping your pets cool, Premier Pet Supply recommends a cooling pad, which you can fill with water for your pets to rest on. 

If you are planning on taking your pets out on the water with you, there is gear for that as well. You can buy a bright orange life vest with flashing lights so that no one will miss your pooch if he decides to dive in.

If you love to hit the trails when the weather gets warm, you can bring your dog with you, and he can help carry your supplies! There is a dog backpack that can carry some small supplies, including a collapsible water bowl for him to drink from on those long walks. It is very important to keep hydrated when spending lots of time outdoors. 

Palmer also shared with us an easy trick we can do from home. Take a stainless steel bowl and freeze dog bones or toys inside of it. Then let the dogs lick the frozen block to get to the treat inside. It keeps them cool and busy. 

They also have gadgets like the chilly bone, which allows you to continuously refill it with water and freeze it for them to play with.

There are also treats you can use to cool your pets down in the summer. Next time you want to go grab an ice cream, you can grab your dog a frozen yogurt cup as well. 

If your dog is frightened by the fireworks for the Fourth of July, or any of those summer storms there are natural sedatives you can give them that will calm them down without knocking them out. Thunder vests, which are weighted vests meant to calm the animal, are another option. Despite your instinct to comfort them, Palmer recommends you don't because it only encourages the frightened behavior; try one of these other remedies instead. 

For more information on all the cool gadgets you can use to keep your pets cool, visit Premier Pet Supply's website here






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