How to keep your pet healthy in the new year with Premier Pet Supply

Spruce up your pet's diet with healthy pet food and treats

Many of us kicking off the new year want to be as healthy as possible. We go to the gym, try to eat healthier, but what about our pets? Mike Palmer, owner of Premier Pet Supply, and Brandon Thorne from the Novi location stopped by to show Tati Amare the great items pet owners can get to make sure their pets are healthy.

Palmer said as owners become more involved and savvy with their pets' well-being, they learn what potential issues their pets may face. He said many issues begin with allergies, specifically food allergies and believe it or not, chicken is the biggest culprit. So the store offers a variety of meat proteins that are good for a pet's overall health. There are warming proteins, which are for animals that run cooler, and cooling proteins that help with circulation and the nervous system.

Good gut health is also important in a pet's health, and just like with humans, a probiotic could help. When it comes to treats, there are different options to choose from that are healthy and your pets will enjoy. From veggies to fish, Premier Pet Supply has isles of choices that are perfect for your pet's needs.

There are four Premier Pet Supply locations: Beverly Hills, Livonia, Rochester Hills and Novi, and two more locations opening soon in Canton and West Bloomfield. To see offers and specials for the month, visit this website