How you can see the world's greatest inventions on display

World's greatest inventions on display

He was one of the greatest inventors the world has ever known and now, some of his machines and ideas are on display in the D. At the Cranbrook Institute of Science you can find "Da Vinci Machines and Robotics" exhibit and Cameron Wood from the institute joined us in the studio to tell us more about it. 

Wood says most people think of Da Vinci as an artist, but he was also an engineer, inventor and much more. At the exhibit at the Cranbrook Institute they will have some of his artwork, but will focus more on his scientific achievements. The exhibit is from Italy and features a number of models recreating Da Vinci's works. Wood says many of Da Vinci's inventions weren't actually built because he was more interested in creating concepts. However, a few did get made, and Wood brought in an example of Da Vinci's attempt at a helicopter. 

In the exhibit, there is also a hands-on area, and one of the things you can do there is write like Leonardo Da Vinci did. He was left-handed and routinely wrote left-handed backwards, so when the writing is held up to a mirror, it could be read. Jason Carr and Tati Amare challenged themselves and tried  to write their names backward.

The "Da Vinci Machines and Robotics" exhibit is at the Cranbrook Institute of Science until Jan.13.