Jody's 5-Day Dessert Challenge

Summer is near! Which brings BBQ's and celebrations that will probably include sugary desserts. Not to mention warm temperatures that will make for a perfect day at the ice cream parlor. Fitness expert Jody Trierweiler has a challenge to help you make healthier dessert choices. Jody said, "I challenge all of you guys for 5 days to only eat fruit for dessert." That means no cookies, cupcakes, ice cream or cake after you eat a delicious meal.

Jody gave some cool ideas on how to make your healthy desserts more fun and enjoyable. The first one was a watermelon slushie. The slushie included freshly squeezed lemon, mint, and cubed frozen watermelon

The second suggestion was a breakfast banana split with bananas, sugar-free Greek yogurt and granola. A watermelon jello mold with fruit in it was another one of Jody's delectable treat options. This dessert includes unflavored gelatin mixed with a natural sweetener blend.  Apple cookies were the last dessert she recommended. Instead of peanut butter, she used Nakee butter along with coconut and organic chocolate chips. 

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