Jump on this new hair trend for 2019

It's holiday party time and you will want to shine! Local 4 style editor Jon Jordan joined us in the studio to discuss festive, unique ways to top off your holiday style. He brought Catherine Wallis, from Antonino Salon in Birmingham, along with some models, to show us one of the latest hair trends that you can do yourself: hair ornaments!

"This is a huge trend for 2019, so I say, 'Get the jump on it now,'" said Jon. 

The girls showed off hair accessories they had made themselves. For a festive look, you can glue pompoms onto hair clips, which was demonstrated by the first model. Another option is to take an old headband and glue flowers or other decorations to it. You can also add jewels and other small decorations to bobby pins and strategically place them in your hair. Jon recommended that, if you are using small clips, you should do multiples. This look was exemplified by the last two models.

To make your own hair ornaments, just break into your craft box, or visit your local craft store. You can use the embellishments on fabric, silk flowers, jewels or anything else that catches your eye. 

So, as Jon Jordan said, jump on this trend now and get crafty!