Lady Houdini will have you saying, 'How did she do that?'

No, seriously... how?

Harry Houdini is easily known as one of the world's greatest escape artists of all time, so when you break one of his records, you know that's something special. Kristen Johnson, also known as Lady Houdini, has done just that. She holds the record for the most water torture cell escapes, beating Houdini's record. 

When asked if she ever had any close calls, Johnson responded, "It's always a challenge, and you always have, I call it my control level of anxiety, but I have had two occasions which I had to be extracted."

She joined Live in the D in the studio today and showed off some of her tricks. Our Jason Carr tied her hands behind her back while her assistant attached another rope from her neck to her hands. Then, both her and Carr stepped behind her magic red curtain, and mere seconds later, she was wearing his jacket under all the ropes, shocking everyone. 

If you would like to see Lady Houdini in person, she will be performing all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Hamburg Family Fun Fest on Merrill Road in Hamburg in Livingston County.  

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