Life lessons in music at DIME Detroit

These graduates are from the Detroit Institute of Music education, also known by DIME Detroit. 

The Founder of the school and its President, Kevin Nixon and Co-Founder and Director, Sarah Clayman joined us in studio to talk to us about the school.

DIME Detroit is a school that allows students to learn as much about the music industry as possible. The musical education that DIME offers students allows the students to find a career in music right here in Detroit and not feel that moving to another city is necessary. DIME was founded in 2014 and really teaches students everything about music so they can really find their desires in music and what works for them. DIME teaches the students about the jobs that are available in the music industry and has a great graduation rate. Between 75% to 80% of the students graduate having jobs in the music industry. 

Sarah and Kevin have established a record label with in Detroit called DIME Original 12-65 recordings. The record label allows for Detroit locals to showcase their talents and it really show the new sound of Detroit music and all its versatility. 

Al'Exists said "Dime has made me into the artist that I am" she went on to say how being around her classmates and teachers who are professionals in the industry has also shaped her to be the artist that she is. Al'Exists plans to continue to find her voice and also to release an EP as her journey continues. 

If you want to learn more information about The Detroit Institute of Music Education, Summer courses and camps, or how to apply for fall enrollment visit their website

Check out the DIME Stage this weekend Saturday, June 16th.